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Choosing the right financial planner may be one of the most important decisions that you make

With so much at stake, it's important to choose the right financial planner to best suit your individual requirements. Our easy search tool allows you to research a range of financial planners working in your local area.

A good financial planner will work closely with you to first understand your requirements, set goals, and formulate a plan to help you to achieve them. By searching for financial planners who work locally, you're able to sit and meet with multiple options to ensure that you are making the best decision for your financial future.

Things to consider when choosing a financial planner

There are a number of key factors, outlined below, that you should consider before engaging a financial planner:

What qualifications should you look for?

Always check that your financial planner has the required qualifications to work in Australia. Ask the question directly, and check if this can be verified online. Most reputable financial planners are a member of an industry body, which will have its own website allowing you to quickly lookup qualification and further information.

What level of experience should you expect?

Only work with an experienced financial planner. Ask how long the professional has been pacticing, which FP businesses they have worked with, and whether they have experience working with clients in a similar situation to yours. Try to source references from other clients - this is a great way to verify the service level of the financial planner.

Does the financial planner specialise in a particular area?

You should seek a financial planner who specialises in services related to your individual situation. Some professionals offer a broad service, whilst others only work in a limited area such as superannuation. Check this first to ensure that you don't have to make adjustments down the road.

Is the financial planner licensed?

Your financial planner should work under a business holding an Australian Financial Services License, or AFSL, and provide you with a copy of their financial services guide. You can verify the status of their license by visiting the ASIC website and using their Professional Registers search function.

Are you associated with the Financial Planning Association of Australia?

No, we are an independent website and completely unrelated. Our search function directs users to the financial planner directory on the FPA website.